About Us

As an experienced Emmy award winning makeup artist with more than 30 years in the movie and TV business, I was excited to trade in my busy days and late nights on set for something new. That is why I decided to take my creative edge online and start a successful online shopping business. With an eye for detail and excellent customer service, I have been able to provide online shoppers with a unique online shopping experience that caters to their needs.

My online store has slowly but surely become known for its top of the line items that span across all interests and lifestyles. Doing business online has allowed me to adapt quickly to changes in trends, industry standards, consumer behaviors and more – something I had not anticipated when I first started out but that has proven invaluable. Shopping online has never been more fun or efficient. It’s been great transitioning from the world of glamour to creating an online shopping experience that continues to dazzle customers around the globe!

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